Oral Presentation and Electronic Poster (e-Poster) Guidelines


For Oral Presentation, the total duration allocated is 10 minutes, inclusive of 8 minutes pre-recorded presentation followed by 2 minutes live online question & answer.

Presenters are required to submit:

  • Presentation slides in Microsoft PowerPoint format (ppt or pptx) with on screen show 16:9 (landscape).
  • Pre-recorded presentation video with no more than 10 minutes duration in mp4 format (landscape).
  • Presenter must have a virtual display of themselves set at a corner of the slides.
  • Deadline for submission: Latest by 30th September 2022 at 12 noon Malaysia time, via email to the conference secretariat (icmst2022@unikl.edu.my).

During the virtual conference:

  • Presenters are required to report themselves during the conference.
  • E-certificate will be issued based on the attendance record on the conference day.
  • Presenters are required to be ready at the conference meeting room at least 10 mins before the session starts.

During your presentation slot:

  • The Session Chair will call your name.
  • Your pre-recorded presentation video will be played
  • Once the video is over, the Session Chair will start the online question and answer session for you (with the camera on).


  • Presenters must submit an e-Poster in only ONE (1) page (A4 size, portrait) in PDF format to the conference secretariat (via email to: icmst2022@unikl.edu.my) latest by 30th September 2022 @ 12 noon Malaysia time.
  • Video and/or audio is not allowed to be included in the e-Poster.
  • Your e-Poster will be published on the conference website from 23 – 24 November 2022.
  • Presenters are encouraged to include contact (name & email address) in the e-Poster so the audience may contact you personally for any questions/ issues.

Poster Design Suggestions & Tips

Poster Content:

1. Title of the poster

It is recommended to keep the title of the poster the same as in the submitted abstract. Slight modification which does not change the idea of the abstract is allowed.

2. Poster size and format

Poster must be submitted in PDF format. Poster should be laid out in ‘portrait style.’

3. Presenter details

The top of the poster should display the following information:
Title of your Paper, Name(s) of the Author(s) and Affiliation(s) in the lettering of 18 Bold (Times New Roman).

4. Lettering

It is recommended to use both UPPER- and lower-case letters for general content to avoid reading difficulties. Text Font should be legible, please use 14 Times New Roman font style for the content of the poster. Text and presentation should be in ENGLISH only.

Posters should include text, graphics and use colours to add emphasis and clarity. Please ensure there is enough contrast between the colour of the text and the background.

Illustrations should be simple and clear. Every photo should clearly show pertinent details.

Displayed materials should all be self-explanatory.

Presenters are required to submit:

  • Pre-recorded presentation video with no more than 3 minutes total duration in mp4 format (landscape).

Need more help?

Contact the ICMST 2022 Secretariat

Universiti Kuala Lumpur Institute of Medical Science Technology